Silent Disco by SilentArena™

What exactly is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is really quite simple. First you need a space, typically a nightclub or area at a festival where people would normally listen to music. Now instead of using the sound system we hand SilentArena™ wireless headphones to everyone. Live DJ’s then play as normal but the sound is delivered instantly to the headphones. The participant at any time can switch between the DJ’s at the touch of a button. The end result is a couple of thousand people all singing and dancing together but to different music!

Why go Silent?

A Silent Disco is not only an amazingly fun and interactive event. It’s also a practical solution to noise complaints. We’ve had thousands of people in city and town centres partying late into the night just meters from apartments without disturbing them. Although a Silent Disco is not truly silent, as the crowd will sing and talk, because we produce no amplified sound including the loud bass, the sound produced is only a fraction of a traditional sound system.

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Silent Disco by SilentArena™ DJ’s at River’s Edge Music Festival:

Saturday, June 23
  • Cities of Gold vs J Matthews
  • Jack Trash vs Haven’s + Hart
  • Jon Ackerman vs Jeff Hunter
  • Strangelove vs Toffler
  • Oliver Twist vs Tommy Paige
  • Kris Holiday vs Nathan Vox
  • Impeach vs Fanta Lor
Sunday, June 24
  • Gigamesh vs Easyrider
  • Dirty Talk vs Sinuous
  • Blaze One vs Benjamin Michaels
  • Dubsmoke vs Ben Clear
  • Torus vs EvIE
  • Bryan Gerrard vs CFANS
All acts subject to change.